Introducing "Kali-Fit" at DATKD!

DATKD is excited to introduce our new Kali-Fit program combining a high energy, toning, and cardio regiment with the indigenous filipino martial art, Kali.

Limited Introductory Offer: $99 for you and a family member (includes sticks, shirt, tote, and more)!

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Our Tae-Ni-Tots program benefits youngsters in every aspect of their life, including key elements that help in developing self-confidence, perseverance, and a winning attitude. Starting at ages 3 and up!

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Our kids program includes hi-energy drills, hand-eye coordination, and listening skills (just to name a few). It is designed to build and condition each child's attitude, behavior, and overall character development.

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Our adult program includes not only self-defense, but all the primary aspects of a physical workout, including increased strength, cardiopulmonary conditioning, and flexibility training.

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Kali, also known as Escrima and Arnis, is an indigenous Filipino Martial Art that comprises of weaponry, grappling, kicking, and empty-hand combat. This unique program is available for all ages!

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Tired of Chuck E. Cheese? Give your child an unforgettable DATKD Birthday Party filled with safe Tae Kwon Do action and exciting team games!

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